Book Drives

Something unique happens when a child here feels directly responsible for giving their book to a child who is so far away and so remote that they are difficult to reach.  Zambezi Schoolbook project is focused on making that experience happen and to amplify that spirit of sharing through book drives and collecting of books and the necessary shipping funds from every accessible  source. 


A challenging but achievable goal for a book drive centered around a school class or activity, a civic, sports or social club, a church or business is 1,000 books and $1,000 to see them all the way to their remote recipients.  This number of books will start a library for a villaGE school or for a village that is trying to get a school started.
  While paperback versions of books are lighter in weight and cheaper to ship they don't hold up as well as the hard backs so there is a trade off between cost and durability, but the general rule is if it is an appropriate book in good condition it should go. 

The best books to send are generally for grades K-8 and preschool readers because they will fill the most often encountered needs.   Remember that english is the second language of the recipients there, so high school level and above books will not find as many readers who can appreciate them.   A good rule in selecting a book is that it should be one that you would feel happy to present as a gift to a young person who loves to read and learn.  Look at the Book Lists Page for more ideas about the best books to collect.  You will be involved in selecting your destination school or village and can collect books to meet their specific needs.

                                  What Happens After My Book Drive?

Zambezi Schoolbook Project will work  with your book drive to advise and assist in planning it.  If you are in the area of the Books For Africa warehouse in atlanta, you can drop your boxes of books off there,  marked clearly for "zambezi schoolbook project - zimbabwe".   If you can't take your books to the warehouse, they can be mailed by USPS "media Mail",  which has been around 45 cents per pound.  Strong boxes should be used, such as u-haul moving boxes, and taped securely.  There your books will be packed into standardized 12 inch times 12 inch times 18 inch strong corrugated boxes.  For book drives in the Atlanta area, we can bring these boxes to you for packing.   seven of these boxes form  a layer on a standard 36" X 36" pallet.  Five such layers, thirty five boxes, make a complete pallet ready to be shrink wrapped and loaded into the seagoing container.  If each box is tightly packed and carefully labeled for it's contents and intended destination , the end result is guaranteed to be spectacular!  Be sure to give us a heads-up so we can properly manage your book donation.

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