Book Lists

In General, books that are sent should be constructive in nature, age appropriate, not overly controversial in subject and of general interest.  Your guiding principle should be that a book chosen to be sent should be one you would be happy to give to a young reader as a gift.  SPecial note about textbooks:  Including a few for teacher reference is good, but not large numbers to equip entire classrooms since these must be sourced locally. THE GREATEST DEMAND IS FOR HIGH QUALITY LEISURE READING BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS.


Every village has
pre-schoolers who need: Baby Board Books
                                                                                         Children's Picture Books
                                                                                         BIG Books
                                                                                         Letter/Number Flash cards
                                                                                         Word games and puzzles 
                                                                                         alphabet and learn to read

 Villages with a Primary School or who are trying to get one started also need:

                  Children's fiction and non-fiction
                 Early readers
                 Children's dictionaries
                 Children's thesauruses               
                 K-6 textbooks in math, English, Geography, sciences, health,  but just a few                      Hobbies, crafts, games
                 Books about Africa or African Americans
                 Accurate, up to date atlases
                 sets of encyclopedias less than 15 years old
                 Teacher's resource books for school libraries
                 Books with universal themes such as animals, friendship, natural
                           History, environment

If your village has a High School they will also need:

Teen age fiction and non-fiction emphasizing constructive themes.

  Books dealing with adolescent issues such as developing social skills, improving  
       self-esteem, fairness, community service, and inclusiveness.  puberty, pregnancy, sexual
       health, abuse, pressure, etc., are appropriate if presented non-controversially.)

Inspirational books along the lines of "Chicken Soup For The Soul".

   Textbooks for grades 6 - 12, just a few,)in math (including algebra, geometry and
          pre-calculus), English grammar, comprehension), geography, health, general                           science,  biology, chemistry, physics.   These are mostly for teacher
          resource reference as secondary school students require their own curriculum                text books if they are to prepare for their final matriculation exams. 

    Self Help and Improvement

    Crafts and Hobbies


For a Community Library include all of the types of books listed above and add:

                  Agriculture including community gardening, fish farming, irrigation.)
                  Animal Husbandry
                  Health (including first aid, prevention, infant nutrition, sanitation.)  
                  Business including micro-loans, community based businesses.)
                  Ecology AND ENVIRONMENT
                  Wildlife management and eco-tourism 
                  Resource development, solar power, water purification.)

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