How The Project Works

Books offer a unique way to share.  They are individual, portable, nonperishable gifts of knowledge.   A child who shares a prized book across the vast distances to a child in an isolated and remote village in Africa can feel the reward of participating in that child's education in a very meaningful way.  For every generous book giver there is an eager and grateful receiver waiting, and the task is to connect the two.  Sending a single or small number of books is usually  prohibitively expensive and even if the details for the receiving child are known the final delivery to a remote village is uncertain at best.  
ezi Schoolbook Project will connect the giving child, classroom, school or any giver, with the receiving child, classroom, school or library.  To do this, twenty TO THIRTY THOUSAND books, DEPENDING ON TOTAL WEIGHT, from generous givers are assembled, packed, palletized and placed in a seagoing container at Books For Africa in Atlanta, GA, and shipped by sea, over road and bush track, through sea ports, national borders, and herds of wild animals to amazed and grateful learners who may never have  had a book before. 

Often the greatest need can only be met with local resources, whether that be specific curriculum textbooks or help in getting a teaching process going in a village without a school.  You can designate your contribution for this purpose  and see the result through these web pages OR REPORTED BACK DIRECTLY TO YOU.

Zambezi Schoolbook Project works in every village and school that receives your gift making sure that the most needs are met with the available resources.  Givers can participate in choosing where their gifts will go and can see them received on this website.  Lasting connections can be facilitated between givers here and recipients there if this is requested so that results can be followed over time.

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