Book Contributors:                 

Accumulating a seagoing container load of books, BETWEEN twenty AND THIRTY thousand books DEPENDING ON TOTAL WEIGHT, to converge on the Books for Africa warehouse in Atlanta within a defined period, usually three months, is a huge undertaking and involves individual donors, clubs, schools and libraries, churches and charities, publishers and other businesses, and others all around the U.S.A.  All these book donors are the basis of the effort and without them there would not be a starting point.  Contact us directly to coordinate your book donation for The Zambezi Schoolbook Project.  We'll help you every step of the way.

Funds Contributors:      

      Funds For Shipping Library Books From U.S.A.:

The cost of moving a book from the point of donation to the point it is finally delivered to a reader would generally be prohibitive if only that one book, or any small number of books, were being sent.  By shipping a full container load, the cost per book is greatly reduced to as little as 50 cents for small books to around a dollar for larger books for the movement of the sea container.  Cost of getting the books from the point of donation to the Books for Africa warehouse in Atlanta for packing and loading into the sea container is in addition to this. THE COST AND DIFFICULTY OF GETTING THE BOOKS FROM THE POINT OF UNLOADING OF THE CONTAINER IN ZIMBABWE, NORMALLY Harare, to the remote libraries is a limiting factor on the entire process and funding of this crucial step is a priority.    Ideally, donors will accompany their book donation with one dollar per book to help cover these shipping costs.

          Funds For Buying Schoolbooks and Supplies Where The Schools And Villages Are:

Specific curriculum textbooks, often in the local language, must be purchased where the books are used with funds donated for that purpose.  Teaching materials such as exercise books, pens and pencils, art supplies and similar are available locally and usually more economically acquired there than when shipped from here, although a container can be "topped up" with these materials before shipping from here.  Your donation can be applied in this way if that is your wish, you need only tell us.

Logistics, Administration, and Management Contributors:

Zambezi Schoolbook Project donates all of it's work and expenses incurred here and abroad to the project with 100 percent of all incoming donations going directly toward unavoidable costs of  delivering the books to the recipients.  Many other individuals and organizations donate their capabilities, time and effort at every step of the process that results in a child receiving a book.  Check out our Facebook Page to see more of all these contributors in action!

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